Executive Chairperson Benue FIDA, Prisca Ula, Esq.

The Office Of Chairperson, International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Benue State Chapter.

My Lords, Learned Seniors and Colleagues.

We appreciate God for bringing us into a new year.

No doubt last year was turbulent for us as a nation and as an organization, as we struggled to stabilize after the effect of the corona virus lock down.

We however give God the glory for thus far as he has been our help.

As an organization, FIDA Nigeria, Benue branch, intends that the next three years will be laced with more growth as we strive for an all inclusive broad based development initiative, with outcomes that shall enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of our growth.

As professionals, mothers and defenders of the rights of women and children, FIDA has given us the platform to serve our society and guide it into an enabling environment where the vulnerable can thrive. This we consider a service to God, a Divine mandate and our purpose of existence.

I wish to enjoin my fellow “FIDANS,” let us stand together in solidarity and unison, for we can only achieve much if we stand strong together. For indeed if we must go far, we must go together. Remember, it is one for all and all for one!

By the grace of God we shall continue to implement our collective mandate, vision and mission, to fulfill the expectations and burdens on our shoulders, as champions for the rights and preservation of Justice for women and children in Nigeria.


FIDA Nigeria Prevail!

FIDA Benue Branch  Prevail!

Wishing You a Prosperous & Happy New Year!

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