Presidential Candidate NBA General Elections 2022

Presidential Candidate
NBA General Elections 2022


“Learned Silk, YC Maikyau, SAN was my Senior in the University. He has built his practice on the foundations of integrity and fear of God. I am convinced that he will provide quality leadership if he is eventually elected as President of NBA”

Michael Gusa Esq,  Hon. Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Benue State during a courtesy call on him by YC Maikyau, SAN in Makurdi on the 3rd day of June, 2022.


“The Elders who understand the dynamics and also have the interest of the Bar at heart are all supporting YC Maikyau, SAN for President”

J S Okutepa, SAN Life Leader and Supporter of Makurdi Bar In an interactive session with NBA Makurdi Branch Chairman and Secretary in his Abuja Office on the 7th day of July, 2022.


“I fully support the ambition of Maikyau, SAN and I have been campaigning for his election as President of the NBA and will continue to do so until by God’s grace, he wins…”

Ocha P. Ulegede Esq Elder, Makurdi Branch



“Who the cap fits, let him wear it. The Presidential cap fits YC. Let him wear it. Let us support him. He has the capacity, the charisma, the energy and intelligence to deliver on our goals and aspirations. For a virile Bar, count on YC. You will never regret. Y C Maikyau’s roots are deep. Be sure of his victory”

Prof. Akaa Imbwaseh Former Dean of Law, Benue State University, Makurdi; Past Vice Chairman, NBA Makurdi Branch and 2022 SAN Nominee


“YC Maikyau is clear headed, focused, highly cerebral yet simple and humble. He has the problems and challenges facing the Bar at his fingertips. The high profile endorsements of his candidature is a glaring testimony of his suitability for the task ahead. He has workable solutions within definite timelines and NBA will be blessed to have him as President”.

Mike T. Assoh Esq. Past Chairman, NBA Makurdi Branch


“The time has come for the Bar to be led by men of honour, whose only motivation in seeking office is the desire to serve. My vote is intact for YC Maikyau SAN”.

Prof. Emmanuel Kenen. Former Dean of Law, Benue State University and 2022 SAN Nominee


“I am elated and pleased that Makurdi Bar has joined fully in supporting my classmate, YC Maikyau, SAN. He is a beacon of hope for a dynamic Bar”.

S.O. Simon Esq Elder, NBA Gboko Branch, At the monthly meeting of NBA Gboko held on 19th June, 2022.


“YC Maikyau is a humble and simple leader whose message resonates and connects with all the diverse interests which the Bar represents. He has my vote”.

Justin Gbagir Esq. Immediate Past Chairman, NBA Makurdi Branch.


“Let me on behalf of FIDA Benue Branch welc“For the number of years that I have participated actively in Bar Politics, no one has come with tall credentials and fully prepared to lead the Bar as YC Maikyau SAN. He will win landslide”

Malami Aondoakaa Esq. Immediate Past Chairman NBA Gboko Branch


“Maikyau stands tallest among the contestants not only in stature but also in pedigree. He is someone to be trusted”.

A.T. Ochojila Esq. Elder, NBA Makurdi Branch.


Chonoko is Maikyau by name and deeds, neither a masquerade in the day time, nor night time” .

Abakpa Anthony Sule Esq (Old Teacher) Elder, NBA Makurdi Branch


ome our incoming President, learned Silk YC Maikyau SAN. Looking forward to a

rewarding Bar under your tenure”.

Prisca Ula Esq. FIDA Chairperson, Benue State


“I met YC Maikyau when we had a property transaction in Abuja. His sense of professionalism and honesty was simply amazing. He stood firm to ensure that my client was given a fair deal. He is the type of leader the Bar needs at the moment”.

Dr Gabriel Ibu, Elder, Gboko Branch at the monthly meeting held on 19th June, 2022 at Wishden Hotel


“YC Maikyau is in the generation of leaders with passion for excellence, innovations and a drive that is enveloped in humility”.

 Joseph M. Gbagyo Esq, Cism. Secretary, NBA Makurdi Branch



“With this blessing, we have won the contest already. YC is a goal. Ahead Ahead into NBA House, Abuja.

Daniel Sorkaa Esq. Past Assistant Secretary, NBA Makurdi and NEC Member


“Thinking Maikyau! Maikyau! Its victory all the way.

Jane Otor Esq. Leader, NBA Makurdi Branch



“YC Maikyau is our President in waiting. He has the support of the Makurdi Bar”

Usha Humphrey Esq. Member, NBA Makurdi Branch.


“YC Maikyau is fully prepared to hit the ground running on his day one in office. A vote for Maikyau is a vote for a secured Bar”.

Damian Asema Esq. Principal Special Assistant to the Governor of Benue State and Member Makurdi Bar


“YC Maikyau is a leader the Bar needs now. His fresh ideas will consolidate on the gains recorded and also move the Bar forward”.

John Emmanuel Ojo. Past Secretary NBA Otukpo Branch



“My President, you are the man. We love you. YC Maikyau, SAN is the surest code. We are with you body and soul”.

Jude Nyam, Chairman, NBA Makurdi Branch Young Lawyers Forum



“YC Maikyau SAN is always on point. 80% of integrity, 20% knowledge of Law would take one to any height! Those cutting corners should take note. Without integrity, one is nothing. You will fall like a pack of cards no matter the height. These words of Maikyau SAN shall never depart from me”.

Mercy Tuleh Esq. Former Counsel in Chambers at YC Maikyau SAN & Co. and Member NBA Makurdi Branch



“YC Maikyau SAN has clearly defined programmes for the young Lawyers. He has already demonstrated huge capacity as Chairman of Welfare Committee. Young Lawyers will vote him massively as President NBA”

George Iyua Tseen Esq. Past Secretary YLF Makurdi.


“When you have the blessings of the blessed, YC Maikyau SAN is a goal”.

Member Adiguve. FIDA, Benue State Branch


“I have taken my time and I am in agreement. I am with YC Maikyau”.

Victor Besuwe Esq. Member, NBA Makurdi Branch


 “All we wait for is the swearing in ceremony of Maikyau as President of NBA”.

Francis Ushahemba Dekaa Esq Immediate Past Publicity Secretary. NBA Makurdi Branch.


Compiled by:

Mike T. Assoh Esq, ACIArb, ACFE

(Past Chairman, Secretary & NEC Rep, Makurdi Branch)

Coordinator, Team YC Maikyau SAN Benue State.

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