Residents of Makurdi React as Tinubu picks running mate

Jimmie Adzande

Makurdi residents express mixed reactions as the All Progressives Congress Presidential candidate, Ahmed Bola Tinubu picks his running mate. According to a Makurdi based legal practitioner, Bernard Akortsaha, the APC candidate has not kept to his words by chosing a muslim Ashish running mate. He says Tinubu had told Nigerians that he did not become a running mate to President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 because of religion. He also says this might be the end of APC in Nigeria.

Another Makurdi resident lawyer, Beatrice Abuku says it would have been better to balance it up with a muslim-christian ticket than make it look as if there are no competent Christians in the northern part of the country.

An Agriculturist, Earnest Atoje, says suspicions have been built in the minds of Nigerians on religious sentiments. With this even if the ticket was well intended, there are bound to be religious interpretations.

Other residents including there is nothing wrong with a muslim-muslim ticket Shedrack Tsengu, says provided there is competence and the will to address challenges faced by Nigerians. There is no issue for anyone to bother.

The outcome of the election can only be decided by the PVCs. However, Makurdi residents in the majority feel the demographics of the country are not considered by the ruling APC, in the selection of a running mate, for the 2023 General Elections.

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