Food Security: Benue Farmers Lament cost of Fertilizer

James Adzande, Media Expert/Editor-in-Chief of The Transmitter Media and part time lecturer with the Benue State University

Jimmie Adzande

Benue State is the food basket of the nation. This is because in almost every household, there exists some form of farm for subsistence or commercial purposes. The Benue farmers engage in cultivation of all crops including yam and cassava; fruits plantations including mangoes and oranges of different species.

However, an agricultural consultant Michael Shenge feels the farmers are not doing enough. He highlights challenges that hampers the development of agrarian farmers.

On their part, the farmers say the cost of farming makes it difficult for most families. James Aorga says incentives for farmers will help improve the situation. At the moment, he says the condition is dire.

But the agricultural consultant says waiting for the government is not the best option. He opines that farmers themselves can activate platforms to provide for their farming needs.

Erdoo Due, a microbiologist and farmer says both the government and individuals can come together and explore the treasures in the agricultural sector. She is emphatic that doing so will improve the GDP of the state.

There have been calls for increased farming as a matter of policy by the Buhari government. In states like Benue, the government has made Thursdays and Fridays work-free days to encourage farming activities in the civil service.

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