Towards Peaceful Coexistence: NEEM Foundation Engaged Stakeholders

Jimmie Adzande

The NEEM FOUNDATION along with it development partners like the Corona Foundation and Elohim Foundation, Monday held a program, with the theme- “consolidating the gains of protecting our communities initiative in building resilient communities.”

According to the Senior Programme Manager and host of the program, Adedoyin Betiku, the aim was to bring in different states together to share their experiences and learn from one another. The facilitators of the program also said, it has been segmented into four areas, including early warning signs, mental health and psycho- social support, multi-media component as well as community Dialogue facilitation, to promote peace.

According to Titus Nyam, the initiative has made him to change his perception on handling issues. He said he now considers non adversarial approaches in tackling crisis and has become a peace ambassador in his community.

Some major stakeholders in the peace building process including All Farmers Association of Nigeria, represented Benue State chairman, Saaondo Saaku, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, represented by Benue state Secretary- Ibrahim Garma as well as the traditional institution represented by HRH Chief Lawrence Ijir, said the initiative has provided a common ground for peaceful and mutual co-existence.

Earlier, the Executive Facilitator at NEEM FOUNDATION, Dr. Fatima Akilu appreciated the partners, stakeholders and participants for making the project worthwhile.

The session was hosted virtually in the states of Benue, Kaduna and Zamfara with other stakeholders including security, MDAs, the media and religious leaders.

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