HeforShe: Ter Makurdi Appeals for a female President in Nigeria, leads 13 traditional chiefs for induction

Jimmie Adzande

The Ter Makurdi and Chairman, Makurdi Council of Chiefs calls on Nigerians to consider a female President. He says women have been active in tasks and can do well in leadership at that level. He made this appeal at the formal induction of 13 traditional rulers and 25 lawyers in Makurdi Tuesday.

One of the inductees and District Head of Ugondu, Chief Justin Hyuakaa says the HeforShe campaign introduced by UN Women is welcomed by the traditional Council. He says it is unfair to dissociate women in decision making. He also says he has tried involving women in decision making and the result is positive.

Another stakeholder and former NBA Chair, who spoke for the lawyer inductees, Bar. Mike Asoh says the association has already begun the process of gender sensitivity. He says one of the products of this campaign is the selection of the first female NBA Chair for Makurdi Branch. Barrister Assoh also says the project is realizable. With lawyers involved, he says issues of rights and legislations will be advocated for.

The NBA Chair for Makurdi Branch, Maimuna Ekulonu, in her goodwill message says the bar will support the campaign as it has technically become part of it.

Seasoned academic, university don and member of the HeforShe movement, Prof. Armstrong Adejoh says it is time for men to help project the women. This way, the society can get better.

Earlier, the Benue State Coordinator of the HeforShe Project, Nathaniel Awuapila says the essence of the project is to get more men who can join in realizing a better world. The development expert further says the project as part of a global movement was introduced to Benue in 2020. He says so far, members of the traditional Council, the bar, media and other Professionals in the state have joined. Awuapila appreciates all for the feat so far.

Highlight of the day was the formal induction of new members from the traditional institution and the Nigerian Bar Association in the HeforShe campaign.

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