Under-Aged Hawking: A Cross Section of Benue Residents Condemn Act


Jimmie Adzande

A cross section of Benue residents have condemned street hawking by underaged children. They say it is an impingement on the rights of the children and should be stopped. Doose Nyitar, a parent says the act is totally unacceptable and should be stopped. She says the kids are not tools for wealth but instead should be cared for.


A teacher, Cathrine Jinge says the children hawking have the right to be in school. She added that with street hawking, they are exposed to all forms of danger including psychological torture.

The residents also say these children are prey to kidnappers and ritualists. They added that society should stop risking the lives of the kids.


Joshua Tyulen, another says parents who do not have the financial muscle should be assisted by the government. This way, all kids can go to school.

With poverty on the rise, the number of underaged children hawking in Benue State have increased. This act exposes the kids to social vices and life threatening risks. For now, it appears the relevant agencies of government are not doing enough to stem the trend.

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